Annual fundraiser for TEENS INC.
"Honky-Tonk Hoe-Down" 
at Full Moon Ranch
Spend the day with music FOR A GREAT CAUSE
 TEENS INC.Teaching Employment Enhancement Necessary for Survival 
to help at risk teens and individuals with disabilities.

Held this year at the Beautiful FULL MOON RANCH 
1691 Swimley Road, Berryville, Virginia  22611.  
Full Moon Ranch sits on 87 acres of pastures, trees and big blue skies.
Located just over an hour west of Washington DC.   
Entertainment by
Activities for all ages!  
Horseback riding, Pony rides, & Petting Zoo
(Including Aladdin, our Camel that spends the holidays at Mt. Vernon) 
 6y/o and under free - 7 to 15 $20 - 16 and up $40
Trail Rides from 3-6PM $30 a rider.  
Please NO GLASS & Dogs must be on leash at all times

Saturday Music Featuring
Half Past 3 started as a family band. Current members include main singer Garrett Hoffman (guitar / song writer / 10+ yrs experience), Gary Hoffman (bass / co-writer / 25+ yrs experience), Stefen Jenczewski (lead shredder / co-writer / 20+ yrs experience), Alex Goldberg (guitar / co-writer / 15+ yrs experience), Branden Hickman (newest member, drums, professional full time drummer / drummer instructor / 15+ yrs experience).

How 'Half Past 3' got started:
In early 2011 Garrett Hoffman, father Gary Hoffman, and cousin Colin Hoffman having played music for most of their lives finally got the bright idea to join forces. Garrett had been writing original acoustic rock pieces for a little over a year. And Gary, who has played bass for 30 or so years, had been writing country and bluegrass pieces for a while as well. Colin brought a dynamic energy to the music with his drum playing.

Due to physical problems Colin had to quit. 
We had several drummers along the way. 
Primarily Ted Steele from 'Shortness of Breath' kept us going. 
Now we have our missing peice with drummer 
Branden Hickman.
 Along the way we picked up lead shredder Stefan J & Alex G.

Full Moon Field Festival Face Book
Oct 10th 
4pm to 10pm
Annual fundraiser for TEENS INC.
"Honky-Tonk Hoe-Down" 
at Full Moon Ranch
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About TEENS, Inc.
Logo Design and Text v3TEENS, Inc. is a vocational agriculture (VoAg) non-profit organization that
provides training for at risk youth and individuals with disabilities. The primary objective of the program is to prepare students to enter the workforce better equipped for obtaining and maintaining gainful employment.

This unique training course in green industry jobs provides students with a well-rounded introductory education in agricultural and grounds maintenance. In addition, students learn other important job readiness concepts such as work ethics, employer expectations, job safety, and teamwork.

Teaching Method"?I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand.?
? Ancient Chinese Proverb. And this is our motto! While the students are provided with a well developed curriculum, the whole program is designed around hands-on training projects. Literacy is not a requirement."

2122 N. Frederick Pike
Winchester, VA 22603
Phone: (540) 324-8965